Best medication for Narcolepsy (Hint: it’s not what you think)

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Best medication for Narcolepsy


Looking for the best medication for narcolepsy? I’ll let you onto a little secret. Are you ready?

There is no best medication for Narcolepsy. There’s no magic pill for the 200,000 Americans that have this sleeping disorder. No miracle drug for all of us.


There can be the best medication for your Narcolepsy. I’ve come to notice one true pattern when discussing medication with other PWN — there are no patterns. Modafinil had atrocious side effects for me. But for others, it’s been their saving grace. Xyrem does nothing for me because I don’t have cataplexy, but other PWN could not function without it. For some Provigil is the best thing since sliced bread, for others Provigil was hellish but Nuvigil works for them.

I’m not a doctor, I’m not a pharmacist, nor a nutritionist. I won’t pretend that I know enough to give you specific direction via a blog post. I can give you a strategy though. That would be to try everything.



Be Curious

Change your diet

Try cold exposure for narcolepsy treatment


You’ll never know which treatment for Narcolepsy will have the greatest effect on you until you implement it. Perhaps all medications have had harsh effects on you, then try checking out my post on how to treat narcolepsy. It’s a +2,000 word article that goes far beyond medication as the sole treatment for this sleeping disorder.

Unaware of all the medications for Narcolepsy that are on the market? You can access an exhaustive list via this link.


Medications for Narcolepsy


Best Medication for Narcolepsy


Looking for a little bit of direction? Here are the two most common medications to treat Narcolepsy:



If you also show signs of cataplexy, Xyrem is the most commonly prescribed medication.

How are Nuvigil and Provigil different you might ask? Find that answer by reading this article.


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  • Aundreia says:

    Hi there! I was diagnosed with Narcolepsy in 2010 and have tried almost everything (for my EDS). The best med combo for me has been Xyrem and Vyvanse. The side effects of Vyvanse are less severe than other stimulants and really helped when I transitioned from college to the workplace!

    • Peter says:

      Glad to hear you found something that worked Aundreia! I’ve never actually heard of Vyvanse. I’ll have to research it a bit more.

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