Top Narcolepsy Doctors

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So you’re looking for the best narcolepsy doctors? I’m going to break this article down into three sections. First, introduce the doctor leading narcolepsy research at Stanford University. Second, run through the process to find your narcolepsy doctor or sleep specialist. Last, I will provide you with some tips and tricks on how to find the best one in your network.


Top Narcolepsy Doctors


I first become aware of Dr. Emmanual Mignot, the narcolepsy specialist leading the cutting edge of narcolepsy research, when I attended the Narcolepsy Conference. The conference brought together the leading minds in the industry. We had Julie Flygare there, Dr. Mignot, Catherine Blansfield, and etc. Dr. Mignot, however, was the keynote speaker. He spoke about how the flu can cause narcolepsy, it’s history and the first documented case of narcolepsy. He’s been spearheading narcolepsy research for decades. He is hands down the leading expert in all things related to this sleeping disorder.


Dr. Mignot’s Research


Looking for more information on the cutting edge research of narcolepsy? Head on over to the research update page of Standford Medicine. It’s on this website that Dr. Mignot and his team publish links to the latest narcolepsy studies.


Best Narcolepsy Doctors


Finding the top Narcolepsy Doctor


Honestly, you can’t find the best narcolepsy doctor in the world, he’s a little busy working at Stanford 🙂 But what you can do is find the best narcolepsy doctor in your network. Your choice of medical care provider is most likely going to be limited to whoever is in your health insurance network.

First, start with your insurance. Contact them and let them know you are looking for a sleep specialist in order to treat your narcolepsy. They can give you a list of approved providers. From there head on over to Google. I found that searching through Google My Business reviews and Yelp reviews to be helpful when trying to get a read on the level of service you will receive from any kind of service based business.

I have to add a caveat. Ignore all one-star reviews and slightly undervalue the 5-star reviews. Try to find a specialist that has over +40 reviews and read the majority of the 3.5-4.5 star ones. It’s in these reviews that you’ll find the most accurate depiction of their company…usually.

Once you’ve done your research it’s time to pick your provider!


Finding your Narcolepsy Specialist


Finding the Best Narcolespsy Doctors


Questions to ask best narcolepsy doctors in your network


Once you have found a sleep & narcolepsy specialist, you can now search for a specific doctor in their office. I made the mistake of letting them assign me a doctor without requesting for the most seasoned one. Let’s just say that my first sleep specialist was a tad inexperienced and had some room for improvement. Feel free to use the questions below in order to find the best doctor in your office:

  • What percentage of your patients have Narcolepsy and not another sleeping disorder?
  • Are you aware of the best diets for people with Narcolepsy?
  • Beyond medication, what other resources do you give your patients?
  • What lifestyle changes would you recommend I implement right away?
  • Do you know which careers work in accordance with this disease?
  • What are the best online resources there for people with Narcolepsy?

Based on the doctor’s answers you can determine if you would like to proceed with receiving coverage from them, or request a different physician.

Hope this helps!

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  • Neil says:


    I used to be a lean mean muscle machine before I got diagnosed with Narcolepsy. I gained 60 lbs in the last 4 years. Hate the way the pounds have come on so I decided to start working out. The pounds are not coming off easy. I have heard xylem helps with deeper sleep and weight loss. Any other recommendations for narcoleptics to lose weight vs the average individual.

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