Binaural Beats & Narcolepsy: A Case Study

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A Case Study: Binaural Beats & Narcolepsy

Case Study - Binaural Beats and Narcolepsy


About a month ago I discovered an alternative “treatment” that’s helped my EDS (excessive daytime sleepiness) that I wanted to share with you. Mind you, this is not a cure, I haven’t found any scientific literature directly on it, and I only have my subjective experience, but I found it impactful enough that I wanted to share it with all of you.

The form of treatment is called binaural beats.

The best binaural beats I’ve found (by far) were Aubrey Marcus’s Binaural Beats Collection.

My favorite tracks are:

  1. Awakening Spirit (for alertness and concentration)
  2. Gamma Flow (for focus/flow state)
  3. Into the Void (for regimented power naps)


I’m running a test to see if any other people with narcolepsy find them as beneficial as I do. If you’re interested, please follow these 3 easy steps:


1. Purchase these three tracks from the Aubrey Marcus’s Binaural Beats Collection (you can purchase all of his 10 tracks for $35 or the 3 separately for a total of $15):


  1. Awakening Spirit (for waking up)
  2. Gamma Flow (for more energy during the day)
  3. Into the Void (for regimented power naps)

2. Use each track at least once, for the purpose described above (for waking up, etc.), and a minimum of one track per day for a week straight.

3. Then add your reporting/experience to this Google Form.



If there’s enough demand, I’ll collaborate with an audio engineer to have tracks designed specifically to help narcolepsy. If you have any questions about the case study, please email me directly at


*I receive no affiliate income or compensation at all for these track from or any binaural beats audio tracks.*

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