Foods help Narcolepsy




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I can remember it like it was yesterday; the day I was diagnosed.

I walked into the cold and sterile patient’s room not knowing what to expect.

The doctor sat me down and delivered me the news. The most impactful news I’ve received over the past 5 years of my life. She delivered it to me like she was telling me like my credit card was declined.

A little awkward, but with no real empathy, like it was just a remedial problem that would soon sort itself out.

“Yeah so you have narcolepsy…you’ll have it for the rest of your life. Here are some pills. Maybe you should change your diet…..”

The gravity of that diagnosis didn’t really hit me until real problems started to emerge from this disease. Like losing my job. Or falling into depression. Or not having enough energy to get out of bed.

I felt lost.

Foods help Narcolepsy

Slowly but surely I started to educate myself. I taught myself some tips on nutrition. Some tips on how to build energy in my body. Tips on exercise.

Eventually, I became the expert. Or at least strive to be one every day. 

I put in the work because I felt like I owed it to myself and my family. To strive to live the best life I could with this disease.

I tell this story not to shine a light on my doctor’s lack of empathy but to display mine to you.

You, my fellow PWN.

I’ve been low. And I’ve had “experts” not really show me the guidance or empathy I was craving.

So I wrote this ebook on diet hoping to be your guide. Hoping to be your friend who can show you the empathy you deserve. Changing my diet has HANDS DOWN had the most positive impact on my narcolepsy out of every other habit I’ve changed.

I hope you get the value out of it you need. Feel free to drop me a line at > and tell me how you like it. Fill out the form above to receive it 🙂