Heal Yourself

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When I was first diagnosed I was coming straight out of college where I spent the better part of 3 years binge drinking as a form of self-medication. My diet was horrendous, my self-talk: negative, my lifestyle habits needed some massive improvement, and I thought meditation was a joke that only hippies did.

I’m still on the road of improvement and have a distance to go, but I am miles away from where I started at my diagnosis.

If I can summarize my advice into one sentence it would be this:


Heal Yourself.


The more I got in control of my inner world, the more my symptoms lessened. By no means are they gone. But they’ve subsided to the point where I can actually live a productive life.

The more I deepened my meditation practice the less I got a wave of EDS because of something someone said or did. The more yoga I did, the more I could work while standing to help with alertness. The more sugar I cut out of my diet, the more energy I had, and the better I slept.


Heal yourself from an unhealthy diet.

Try a low sugar one and shift to eating more whole foods — as we evolved to.


Heal yourself from the daily waves of stress.

Meditation. Tai Chi. Yoga. There are tools in the toolbox you can use to manage your emotional state. It won’t happen overnight, but they absolutely help.


Heal yourself by using healthy habits. 

Get your sleep hygiene on track. Make sure you are adhering to a regimented schedule + reduce blue light consumption prior to bed.


I’m rooting for you.

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