Narcolepsy Diet – 4 Recommended Diets & MCT Oil

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Narcolepsy Diet


If there was only one form of treatment I would choose to treat my narcolepsy it would be diet. Eating a narcolepsy diet is hands down the most impactful habit I’ve implemented into my life that has helped me lessen my narcolepsy symptoms like EDS and brain fog.

A low sugar diet for my narcolepsy has been more impactful than trying medication (for me), it’s more impactful than implementing a regimented schedule and way more impactful than any other alternative form of treatment I’ve tried.


Narcolepsy Diet

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Narcolepsy Ketogenic Diet


So what’s a “Narcolepsy Diet”?


I constitute a diet good for the sleeping disorder as a pattern of eating that focuses on low sugar foods, with no caffeine at all, and a daily dose of MCT Oil.  For the low sugar foods, I’ve played with all four of these diets:

  1. The Whole Foods Diet
  2. Ketogenic Diet
  3. The Slow Carb Diet
  4. The Human Diet

MCT Oil for Narcolepsy


I first found out about MCT Oil, and a narcolepsy Ketogenic diet, and its profound effects on people with Narcolepsy from Gina Dennis’s blog Madcap Narcolepsy.

My favorite MCT Oil is Onnit’s MCT Oil

Below are the brands that Gina Dennis recommends:

What’s the best diet for narcolepsy?


Unfortunately, only you can really answer that for yourself. But, I’ve found that if you stick to these four pillars of “The Narcolepsy Diet”, you’ll do just fine 🙂

  1. A daily dose of MCT Oil
  2. Low Sugar Diet (four are listed above)
  3. No caffeine

If you get just one take away from reading this blog. Please let it be this: changing my diet was THE most impactful lifestyle change I’ve implemented that has helped my narcolepsy — there is no comparison. It was more positive than any medication I tried. More uplifting than any supplement I ingested. More empowering than any book or seminar I’ve consumed.

Do yourself a favor and commit to changing this part of your life. I know there will be struggles. There will be days where you feel like this is impossible. There will be days where you backslide and fall back into the patterns of old eating habits. The most important thing you must commit to is never stopping. Try meditation to help with cravings, meal prep your week, only carry cash on you so you’re not tempted to eat out. There are solutions. Please don’t be afraid to try them all.

I’m rooting for you.


Narcolepsy Diet Plan

You can read more about these diets, and my journey on how I found them in my free diet e-book. It doesn’t exactly spell out a concise narcolepsy diet plan, but it’s a start.

You can access it via this link:



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