Narcolepsy Holistic Treatment

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It’s possible and it does exist. It’s more of a practice than a pill you take. But how, exactly, do you practice Narcolepsy holistic treatment?

What are the exact healthy behaviors, mindsets, and habits?


That’s the focus of today’s lesson.


Building all of these into daily habits isn’t an easy thing to do; I’m not going to sugar coat it for you.  Simple at times — but quite difficult in action.



Narcolepsy Holistic Treatment


  1. Have a practice for stress management. I don’t know about you but when I’m not managing my stress, my narcolepsy manages me. The more stressed out I am — the more my EDS flares. In order to combat this, I practice Vipassana meditation and Vinyasa yoga.


Narcolepsy Holistic Treatment


Not a yogi? No worries! Try getting into meditation by diving into one of these apps:

They are great for beginners, they stay away from the spirituality side of things and focus solely on the practice.

Other tools for stress management include but aren’t limited to: The Wim Hof Method, positive mantras, transcendental meditation, exercise, and time management.


  1. Eat a clean, low sugar diet. Eat the foods that we evolved to eat. Our bodies were not molded over hundreds of thousands of years to run on Hot Pockets. Our culture and cuisine may have drastically evolved in the past two hundred years or so but it takes our biology a much longer time to adapt.

Make sure to fuel your body with the food nature intended.


  1. Daily practice of cold exposure therapy. Cold exposure works wonders for inflammation, your immune system, and the circulatory system. It’s not really specific to Narcolepsy, just a great health practice all around, no matter the human.


  1. Move your body. We evolved to move. We were not designed for 8 hours a day in a chair. I’ve personally noticed that the more sedentary lifestyle I have, the more my narcolepsy flares up. Make sure to get at least 30 minutes of walking in (A bare minimum) every day.

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