Narcolepsy Natural Treatment

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Narcolepsy natural treatment can come in many forms, let’s start with the most commonly prescribed natural treatment from a western medicine standpoint. The most common form of natural treatment (non-pharmaceutical) that sleep specialists prescribe would be a regimented sleep schedule.

Curious about my full regimen to treat narcolepsy? Head on over to my article on how to treat narcolepsy.

Let’s get into more kinds of:

Narcolepsy Natural Treatment


Narcolepsy Natural Treatment


My personal regimen for natural narcolepsy treatment involves diet, exercise, a regimented sleep schedule, supplements, cold exposure therapy, and light exposure.


Diet for People with Narcolepsy


For diet, I suggest adhering to one of three diets. They would be the ketogenic diet, the whole foods diet, or the slow carb diet. I personally stick to (or try to) the ketogenic diet. You can read much more about those diets from my free ebook.


Alleviate your symptoms with diet

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Exercise for People with Narcolepsy


Regular exercise does AMAZING things for your body. It removes toxins, helps regulate your hormones, alleviates stress, and helps regulate your cortisol/melatonin levels which are directly related to your sleeping patterns. I personally am into strength training and vinyasa yoga.

I’ll be writing an exhaustive list of exercises that are free and ideal of PWN. Check my blog in the near future for that article!


Treat Narcolepsy naturally with exercise


Supplements for people who have Narcolepsy

I use three supplements on a regular basis to help my narcolepsy. They would be Fish Oil, Daily Greens, and Udo’s choice oil. The greens help to ensure you’re getting a proper amount of micronutrients on a daily basis and the two oils help optimize your brain health.

Light Exposure as a form of narcolepsy treatment

Light exposure is one of those things that first sounded like hocus pocus to me but actually has a powerful effect on my narcolepsy. Essentially light exposure is optimizing the time of day during which you are either exposed to light or hide from it. Artificial light is much more impactful on you than normal sunlight. So much so that just by shining a small flashlight on the back of your knee during sleep will disturb your sleep.

Cold Exposure Therapy

I highly, highly recommend integrating cold exposure therapy into your current forms of natural narcolepsy treatment. Cold Exposure therapy works wonders. It helps fight inflammation, release norepinephrine, and lifts your overall mood. Start your day off right with this intense but wonderful form of natural treatment.



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