Narcolepsy Self Help – Mindset and Beliefs

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Let’s talk about Narcolepsy self help and mindset.


  1. What that means
  2. How it changes
  3. What mindset is the most empowering for dealing with narcolepsy


Defining Mindset


I personally define mindset as the patterns of thought you experience on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. If your mind is a computer, and the brain is the hardware, your mindset is the software. Your mindset is the commands that are constantly being executed, whether you realize it or not.


Narcolepsy Self Help


Did you know that your mindset/beliefs aren’t set in stone?


Don’t believe me? Well then answer me this…


Did you have the exact same beliefs and mindset when you were a child?


How about 15 years ago?


10 years ago?


5 years ago?


Last year?


What I’m getting at is our belief system is malleable. It’s influenced by our self-talk, our friends, our family, and the environment every day of our lives whether we realize it or not.


It’s being molded as you read this 🙂


Here’s the best news of all. You have the power to change your mindset. You have the power to practice narcolepsy self help.


Here’s where things get tricky.  I don’t know what will be the trigger for you personally.


I don’t know if Brene Brown’s TED Talk will be the thing that clicks for you.

I don’t know if you will have a breakthrough at Tony Robbins Unleash the Power Within.

I don’t know if The Four Agreements will finally be that book that changes it all for you.

I don’t know if this narcolepsy blog will get through to you.


I do not know how to change it for you — You must find the key to that lock.


But I want to give you one simple truth that will help you find it:




  • Seek out mentors who have done it in the past
  • Consume content that teaches you how to do it
  • Don’t stop
  • Keep pushing until you plant the seeds of change in your mind


At first, you’ll have to rip out the weeds — which is an entirely different discussion.


Then you plant.

And sow.


It won’t happen tomorrow.

It won’t happen in a month.

I don’t know the timeline.


But what I do know is that this is possible.


Narcolepsy Self Help



The Most empowering mindset


So once I figure out how to change it, what should I change it to then genius?


My simple answer: the most empowering patterns of thoughts you can.


You must believe that you can manage your narcolepsy better than you are currently. Know and believe you can change your diet.


Believe that this disease may limit you in some circumstances, but your mindset will not impose those on yourself. Believe that you will do your absolute best at putting in all the effort to craft the life of your dreams.


Don’t stop.


You got this.




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  • Anne Taylor says:

    Hi Peter I am a mother of a 13 year old diagnosed a year ago and I am grabbing all that I can to learn about Narcolepsy. Great blog and thank you so much for sharing.

  • Sarah says:

    Peter! I have spent the better part of three years living through, studying, and managing my Narcolepsy, and I still sometimes feel like I might just be crazy and nothing is tangibly wrong with me. I’ve been reading several of your posts this morning, and all I can think is “THESE ARE MY PEOPLE” haha.

    So thank you for sharing your personal stories! You clearly have a gift for communicating and connecting with people.

    I’m currently studying Exercise Science and hoping to work with individuals who suffer from bizarre yet life-dominating issues like Narcolepsy. I’ll certainly be keeping up with your posts as a good resource!

    • Peter says:

      Hey Sarah!

      Glad to hear you’ve “found your tribe” 🙂

      I’m glad I can share my story to help others, it truly does fill me up.

      That’s awesome, seems like a very fulfilling path you’ve carved out. Can’t wait to hear more about it. I do plan on writing some articles about strength training in 2019…stay tuned!

      Is there anything else in particular you want to see me write more about?

  • Julie says:

    Recently, I was diagnosed with Narcolepsy. The most terrifying and disappointing part of my journey is being misguided by the doctors. I feel lost and hopeless. I hid these feelings deep down inside, as I put on a smile for my son.

    I stumbled onto your blog. Thank-you so much for the advices. I don’t feel so alone on this journey.

    • Peter says:

      Hello Julie,

      I too experienced being misguided by my doctors. I had 5 sleep studies conducted before they were finally able to diagnose me. I may not know your exact situation, but I share your pain.

      Glad my writing can make you feel a bit more connected. If you need more support, don’t hesitate to reach out;

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