New Narcolepsy Medication 2019

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I first heard about this new narcolepsy medication that was projected to be released in 2019 at the Narcolepsy Conference in Portland in 2017. All the physicians on the medical panel were giving it great reviews. The clinical trials were seeming to do what Provigil couldn’t; it kept you wired but not tired.


New Narcolepsy Medication 2019 | Narcolepsy Coach


New Narcolepsy Medication 2019


Jazz Pharmeucitcals is currently working on a new narcolepsy medication for 2019. Its name is Solriamfetol. According to patient reviews its had incredible¬†results in clinical trials so far. As some of you may know, I personally don’t take medication, but I built this website in order to provide the best resources to people with narcolepsy.


Last time I checked Solriamfetol is scheduled to pass clinical trials at the end of March this year (2019). Interested in finding out more about this medicine?



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